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second day of Cloghers training

today we study how to write Blog to be security and interesting from reader.


on 30 August 2014, the  Clogher group study about writing the news, we think about the way of writing and the meaning in article that we want to show action.



Clogher Corner


wpid-20140817_103720.jpgOn 17 August 2014,

today is Sunday, it  first day to start training for women to write blog. it very important for you all to share information on technology and how to promote our blog on website and do the people getting a news.


Introduction to media

Introduction to media

The median is very important for communication channels though which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional message are disseminated. It included newspaper, broadcast, telephone, fax, email,…. so it is necessary for everyone to get and share information.

Women and Education

An SP-built school.Cambodia is the country that respect the old culture and value the men so the people always give an opportunity to boy  before girl in studying.

they said girl is should not study high level because have a lot work to do at home to help their family and when they are a adult they  will be get marry and husband will support what they need. this the reason of women that doesn’t have a chance to build their capacity and self-confident.

if so the people should be open mine to think the girl and boy is need to get education the same and they could get opportunity like a boy.

no every discriminate to get education.


CYWEN monthly meeting

CYWEN Cambodia

 Cambodia Young Women Empowerment Network always meeting every month to discuss about women issue and how to end of violence.

We know the girl in Cambodia is living in their culture so they no choice to select what they want especially husband, it  is the important of their living. we know if we living in family doesn’t love each other and always have violent so it doesn’t happiness, by the way CYWEN just accommodate all girl in this a risk to get up and show their problem. if every one interesting to end violence in our society please contact with us; 10527677_10152177706216574_6181012379982198802_n10527677_10152177706216574_6181012379982198802_n