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Third day of training “How to Disseminate and create Blog to be famous”


Today is the third day of training on Clogher Conner to empowerment and sharing our knowledge to community and other Blogger. the subject studying today is very important for Blogger using Because we are studying the way of growing our audiences.

The first of studying we should know some important point;

– Story of Bloggers, We know have a lot of people use the blog but the bloggers quite their blogging they don’t see any traffic from their blog and they don’t see much improvisation in their traffic.

– How to anyone get traffic, in technology have many ways of bringing traffic and build a network around blog such as ; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Pinterest and other…

– The way of getting traffic, if we run a new blog;  Blog comment Comment on the top blogs in your niche(kind of your blog), try to be the first 5 commenters, create the new posts of popular blog,  add value to your comments, Type your “niche blog” in Google to know which are the top blogs in your nice.  (Got from: Mr. Lao Sopheak)

It is the main point of bloggers who run the new blog.