Women’s decision are not important?

In society are not give value to female to make decided in the big problem because they think the women can not do the hard work and so soft-hearted that​ the reason why women who should work at home.

Cambodia have good culture,  Legal Female  and Legal Male , it is t he old traditional   that Khmer Citizen always respected. some point of this transition is force women cannot make decision with what the want and the always follow their father, brother, husband so it keep women living in home and keep quiet, if all the women  can do like the legal female it is the good women and good wife.

there for this culture is still cover on women until now. if respect on women’s right it show the show the abuse on women in decision so we should share our experience our knowledge about CEDAW , Women’s rights, Human Rights to women had abuse from society and people who stay around them. we hope women can understand their rights and can make good decision with men to be developing together in social living.

” Give up women’s decision is mean lose a chance to develop society”



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