Women Movement In Cambodia

Nowadays, Cambodia’s Young Women were understood on gender and right. They started collect  their voice to build network in commune to promote their right, gender, violence and advocate with authority on public service that  supporting  from national and international NGO to build knowledge, experience, capacity and empowerment women in Cambodia. absolutely CYWEN is a network that working on building capacity to be strengthening with young women and youth to change old concept note that discrimination on women to be movement and development.

We see a lot of women have potential to help our society by promote their voice rights, gender, law and working together to be nonviolence and development social living. By the way YWA Kompongthom Province  their are working hardly and volunteer to help they commune with authorities and the women leading at sub-national level by promote the Gender, Rights, Violence, Migration and Maternal health  to citizen in their commune. It is the model act that we should learn from them to develop ourselves to be a leader and good model too. 10644547_794486817335802_2523148348620996859_o

Moreover Have a lot of NGO had been working on gender, women’s right, rights to quality between men and women by share information and knowledge to men and women and impact of discrimination on gender. Otherwise The local NGO are working closely with youth on education to strengthen because of youth it the main target and the one who easy to change and share continue to their commune.


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